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Interesting to read through this. A dojo is a business. Period.
Though I think this statement is occasionally useful as a corrective to all the BS and mysticism that swirls around traditional martial arts, never forget that it's in fact quite wrong.

A dojo is a business. A dojo is a community. A dojo is a shrine. A dojo is a school. A dojo is a gym. A dojo is a spiritual development center.

All true, but each different character implies a different set of issues and concerns. Traditional dojos have mostly made the choice not to make the business aspects primary--lots of commercial dojos are demonstrating how to do the business model, and traditional dojos are deciding not to do that.

I see the biggest challenge in the OP's situation is that it's the community which will most likely be destroyed if the situation isn't addressed. It only takes one bad actor to tear apart a working community. And that's a shame.

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