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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Hi Benjamin, I appreciate a skeptical point of view very much. But I am not sure what specifically you are arguing-- do you disagree with any of these specific points, which this thread addresses?
It is hard to disagree with any of those points, and may I mention that those points are extremely well presented.

Doubtless I am being overly pedantic, but the source of my ire is the claim that novel musculature is being selected, and that against all odds the musculature in question does not span the joints being motivated, does not have contractile potential, or is not consciously mediated. I understand and have experienced that a *visualization* of such a selection can result in unique movement properties, I protest at the confusion between the moon and the finger pointing at the moon.

I am not in the camp of people who believe that strength and conditioning and internal skills are somehow mutually exclusive, so I am also a lot more skeptical of the anti-fitness circlejerk that pops up here from time to time. As long as we stay within the bounds of reality, I am perfectly satisfied. Similar to what Chris pointed out, I am equally convinced at of the futility of making a science or a dogma out of training.

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