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Re: Good distance ?

Great contributions to this thread.

Mark, I particularly like your post, and it gives good food for thought. And I'm glad that you expanded the conversation. In the early stages of training, it's not going to be harmonious, regardless of whether someone is inside or outside maai. Then with some understanding of the distance/space/timing need to break maai, it becomes somewhat harmonious on the outside, and less so on the inside.

It is, as you said, the goal to make the space beyond maai as well as the space within maai to be harmonious.

And we really need to keep in mind that maai is also a personal space. Someone can be completely non-threatening, and get inside your maai. In some cultures people have no problem getting in, and allowing in, each other's maai. We forget this as martial artists, who are in the practice of being all over people physically, and having others all over us. But there's a good segment of the population who become unharmonious if they're even touched by someone else, especially a stranger. One thing I got almost immediately from training aikido was that I became more comfortable with making contact with people sitting on the NYC subway. The experience became harmonious, rather than disruptive to me. And the end result on "the streets" was that I had a better sense of an expanded personal space.

Michael, the video is another excellent demonstration. Both videos show the difference of telegraphing by making a body movement before the strike. And I like yours as well, because it clearly shows that the time facture can be slowed down quite a bit. Which really goes to show that "time" is less relevant. Perhaps irrelevant. And that it's distance - space - and the perception that maai has been, or is about to be, broken that counts.

Also from the POV that "time" is "space." Time is not separate. When maai is broken, the time/space barrier has been broken. And inside maai is where the rubber meets the road.

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