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Re: No respect

Interesting to read through this. A dojo is a business. Period. Like a bar or restaurant. If you were a supportive patron because you liked the place, great. If things got to the point where things changed unfavorably to a noticeable degree - less safe, poor service, rude staff, etc.. - you - as an individual customer - need to make a decision. Someone not running their business according to your expectations is...NOT YOUR BUSINESS. And, again, keep in mind, you are a customer. You are not the owner, not the boss, not the landlord. And if you continue patronizing a place with your time and money and comradery, you are supporting the poor service. You're saying it's OK every time you walk in the door.

This is up to OP as an individual. This is not about getting others together and making a stand. Larger movements have been sparked by a single individual not putting up with the service. Rosa Parks comes to mind.

To the OP, I'd say find another bar. Or just don't go to that bar for awhile. You'd be surprised sometimes at the results and changes in businesses when their regular patrons stop coming through the door. OP, the only person you need to respect is yourself.
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