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Re: No respect

Preface: I don't take the class or otherwise participate in any in Aikido.

I was asked my "burnt out and down" who we will call Suzan, to communicate her dojo's concern with a particular individual whose behavior is not appreciated and upsetting.When Suzan asked me to help communicate her great concern to this forum, I quickly recognized it was troubling her greatly. I sincerely obliged with her request.

I have to work through Suzan's filters to communicate accurately her needs. On my part because I don't know the senior student, or the others besides Suzan, I can't evaluate anyone's personalities, behavior or the situation. I am not willing to give my opinion.

I have communicated the many responses to Suzan. What she will do with the advice is up to her. The out come of Suzan's class is something I will also not know. Unless she talks to me about it.

Doing Suzan a favor there is no need for me to continue to participate here any more, and I will be excusing myself. On the behalf of Suzan, thank you.
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