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Despite my surname (another story) I am the last Lenape in my family. My children unfortunately do not "scientifically qualify" for being Indian.

While I do not have exhaustive personal experience getting to know my 'savage side' I have had a few enlightening moments.

One of them happened recently at a fencing workshop we held. A young man arrived to take a lesson with our maitre d'armes. As I talked with him I discovered that he is what you could consider to be a professional MArtist and has a vast repertoire. He wrapped up his list with indigenous/american indian technique!

While the stereotypical arts are indeed present (archery, club, hatchet, knife, etc) there is also a tradition of empty-hand techniques. Like much of unwritten indian culture finding a resource is difficult. As I get to know this person I will try to be a better resource for this thread for those interested.

This would be where my interest in what could be learned from both ethnic sides would be - I have other reasons for religous xstudy, but it is not pertinent to aikido.


(thats dopamine if yer psychopharmaphunky)
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