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Re: No-one wants to practice with me

Hi, yes, ironic.
I do think that part of training is stretching your boundaries to continue to engage with people who make you uncomfortable, for whatever reason. of course you can decide at any time that is not safe or possible, but in general, I think of that (yes I do that sometimes) as my failure to be ready for that partner yet - my training is not advanced enough to accept and/or deal with whatever it is, wether its poor hygiene or real malice ( just for example). But I do think refusing to practice with people who are different or make you uncomfortable is generally a lost opportunity. It is a martial art. Someone who is eating raw garlic all day for a cold is, in my opinion, offering me a kind of attack, and I can choose to center and concentrate and train anyway. Walking away from them might be necessary at times, but it may not be as valuable to my training as working with it. Aikido is among other things training in staying engaged when you really want to flee.
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