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Re: No respect

Chaplain Chay wrote:
The instructor is a beloved seasoned leader who is falling upon his culture's behavior in these situations. He believes confrontation creates more bad than good. He prefers to avoid conflict and find other ways to resolvable the conflict. A soft spoken man, and gentle disposition, it is out of character for him not to use great patience and tolerance to the end.
Why don't the students look to his sense of wisdom in this situation as the guideline? Considering the stress described, it sounds like a good opportunity to learn how to cope...perhaps by trying to understand the choice of the head instructor...instead of assuming it's flawed or that it should otherwise be circumvented.

Students are irritated and distracted, not enjoying the atmosphere they once did.
I don't know the dojo, so of course I don't know the particular values of the head instructor or any of his students, but I would humbly suggest distractions are a part of training. I applaud the intent to take action for a troubling situation, but as others have pointed out, if the head instructor is comfortable with the situation there is little one can do without engaging the troublesome student directly...which, given the description of the head instructor's manner, would seem inapropriate.
Matthew Gano

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