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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Janet, the quads open the knees and close the hips, and the glute-ham chain opens the hips and closes the knees. You use both for jumping, and if you use your quads as primary movers you jump poorly. If you were taking jumping practice seriously at all, you would find yourself using the glute-ham chain as the primary mover in short order. The athletes in the research you are referencing were shown to have neglected the study of powerful/healthy hip extension, due to some odd gender differentiation starting at an early age, and because they were primarily just playing a lot of basketball. What was the "retraining" you reference that got them moving correctly? That would be the exact (and very basic) weight training methodology that supposedly ruins your internal strength. So in your line of reasoning, the "conventional" movers turn out to be the solution, not the problem. Not a convincing argument.

To your second point, we can always improve and there are some great (and not so great) ideas out there. Yet seeking them out with an skeptic's mind is always a good idea.

As for pilates and rolfing, how is this not about pseudoscience, exactly?

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