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Re: Atemi, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido

Lyle Laizure wrote: View Post
Not true.
This was in response to one line in a longer post I believe taken out of context. I wrote TO A BEGINNER:
"If you focus too much on integrating kicking and striking, you aren't going to be doing aikido. For now, I'd say, just keep training - you are learning techniques that are building blocks, like learning phonemes and words in order to be able to make sentences and paragraphs - but the real goal is never to "be able to do kotegaishe" in a given situation; it is to have the correct technique for a given situation become apparent.
And in terms of how to deal with kicks and strikes - fun experimenting with dojomates on the mat after class!"
I'm not addressing dojos that do integrate those things within the context of aikido - I wasn't and don't criticize that. That wasn't his question. I stand by my original advice as part of the larger context - he should for now empty his cup and focus on learning what is being taught in class in his dojo if he wants to learn aikido.

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