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Re: No respect

Forget the passive aggressive stuff. Take the intruder to the side in one of the classes one day and execute an effective and merciless tenchinage on him! I'm sure that that would shut him up! Note it is not just up to the sensei or even senior students to do this, but any of you who notice this problem and have the guts to challenge it at its source. If you don't the instructor will most possibly suffer and maybe even retire due to the constant attacks on his already weakened frame, and you as the observer will not be able to shrug your shoulders and walk away from the situation as if you know that you had nothing to do with it. But you should know, that with the full power of insight and reflection (knowledge being the first source of power, both in the aiki and budo and real worlds), but you neglected this responsibility and look at the consequences. Shame on you.

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