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Re: how do we define martial?

Hi everyone. I purposely wrote that last post in the attempt of getting a rise off one or two of you. It seemed like I failed in that intention! What I will say is that I went to my club today and got beaten up a bit. We did Ikkyo Nikkyo Sankyo shunkyo gyokyo tenshinage goshinage gyacuzi iriminage and etc etc. In fact if the truth be told i cant remember what we did and i think i made up some of those moves, but you get the point. Hell surely it's not about WHAT we did but HOW we did it! In consequence of this, and not withstanding the other comments i or others have made both before and after now, I would like to say that we did some good moves and ours is a good club. We train in the old fashioned techniques old statford used to teach before he passed away, and they don't like giving belts away. Be this as it may, I have pleaded, bribed and cajouled my sensei into giving me a grading, and today he finally relented and said he would give me and C* one (a jiusitsu blackbelt who has been training at our club for a few months), a grading in a month or two. All I have to worry about now is learning the syllabus, which i think is a large undertaking seeing as there are lots of japanese names and my memory isn't very good. Well I generally know how to do the moves if I am shown them, but if I was asked to demonstrate one without prompting i think that i would struggle. Be this as it may, i have read the two articles on kyu grading on thie site, and they both seem to give the impression that the gradings are done at the discretions of the dan grades, and that in fact seeing as it is very much their club, that it is down to their discretion who gets to wear a coloured belt and who stays monocrome. I have trained from sept to dec and feb to now (early april) so i think i have put in the requisite forty hours typically asked for the first belt. Whether my aiki is good enough or not of course remains to be seen. True my lungs are pretty crap, and i have a tendency to bend over after a projection, which i keep on being told about. Never mind. At least i walk in the full knowledge that if any thug does confront me, that i have both the intention and ability to put him (or her) on his (or her) ass, and then finish or walk away depending on my disposition at the time.

This is, after all, surely what Budo is all about ;-)
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