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Re: how do we define martial?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
sheesh! i was going to stay out of this conflict, but then you made fun of bongo drums. that means war!

this whole martial thing is kinda interesting. back in the dark age, before Al Gore invented the internet, before the bell bottom pants and bongo drums, in asia, mostly chinese and related courts of lord and emperor, you have folks that lined up both side. on the one side, you got all these folks looked like dead trees who were good with words and numbers, so they ran the country/domain in all its administrative aspects. their idea of funs included comparing their balls pickled in a jar. these dead trees referred to as the administrative lords or modern day geeks. on the other side, a bunch of mean and nasty and ugly looking bunch, who were ready to party on moment notice, who would kick ass and not even bother with name (these guys knew how to party back then), who armed to teeth, mostly armed with teeth. these party goers refered to the martial lords or the modern day of jocks.

so folks back then were conditioned to understand that the emperor is god (actually representing god who owned all the women, which opposites of jesus, who didn't even have a date), and folks can be elevated to either the administrative or the martial positions. back then they also believed in examination to determine the best person for certain position. if you can write well and good with numbers, i.e. playing with your toy abacus and talking in code like omg, lol, and so on, then you can land an administrative position. on the other hand, if you are a brute who can drink gallons of wine and beat the living day lights out of folks, then you can land in a martial position. then you have this really special position where if you read/write well and can party like 1999 and beat the living day light out of nerds, jocks, women, children, old folks, dogs, cats, sheeps (maybe the sheeps), then you are a special breed which is a very highly regarded as the warrior sage, the guy of guys, the budo man, the top of the heap. and your post would be the lord of night soil operatives.

so are we define martial as the characteristics of the lord of night soil operatives? it's a very important position which governs every aspect of our lives. it required men/women/dogs/cats/occasional sheeps of strong will and characters. it required enlightment and conflict resolution. it required strong and tough body. but most of all, it required the friggin gas mask, rubber boots and gloves.
Good points Phil. I think one of the key issues these so called 'aiki' or 'budo' experts on this site is missing is that it's all just a game. And you (read they) are losing! But why is that you may ask? Well let me tell you why. Because once upon a time, as you rightfully recognised in this post, things were done a little shall we say, differently. 'Senseis' in the dojo were not bowed to on credit of their merit, but of their rank.

What I think we have to remember here is that 'the martial' arts, is a political category. This is in face of, and despite the great 'political' ignorance of many of these so called masters, who wouldn't for the life of them know how to demonstrate on a free nelson mandela or dont attack iraq demonstration, much less register to vote. But that is where things have now begun to change. With the election of America's first black president, and his reelection we can see this political realm beginning to take hold in the everyday man and womans perspective and respective field of visions in everyday life.

I don't know what it's like in your guys (and gals) cities of the world, but certainly here in derby uk the political stratosphere is reasserting the power of democracy. I can also see this equality as slowly beginning to influence my local aikido dojo, of which i have trained with for about four months now.

But I have been an active aikeyboard warrior for much longer than that. And hell the amount of sites i have been banned from for challenging the status quo there really is quite prodigious. Basically google martial arts forum, and what you will see is where i have been banned from. Ranging from martial edge, bullshido,net to and the rest. However that latter one has reinstated my membership for reasons of which i am not at liberty to discuss here.

So if we are talking about my odd of withstanding a prolonged membership on this site, i would say that the odds are stacked pretty high against me. I seem to have the habit of pissing of mods with inappropriate remarks, ranging from swearing at other members, to pming mods with the f word in acts of rage, to commenting on my own historical deviance (read criminal read against women etc etc) and so you see this is the result. I have even been banned from a couple of local dojos read karate and judo, and prohibitted from a couple more read kickboxing and jiujitsu. But be this as it may, i am a political fighter, all be it on my own terms.

And also some of the ten headed green breathed monsters i have cared to face in hospital are ten nay twenty times the beast that most of the posters on this thread have even cared to dream about in their worst nightmares. A bold assertion I know, but what's more I can back it up.

So the big question is, am i jeopardizing my own stay here by holding my head high, or will the senior ranks of this place take one whiff in my direction and plead for me to get back in line? We will see!
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