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Re: Responsibility in Learning

Basically, we're both doing the same thing. The only difference i see is that you're breaking the role of "teacher" into various parts based on which action is being performed at the time. Whereas, I perceive all those things as simply being a good sensei. I've witnessed excellent teachers who couldn't "perform" what they were teaching and incredible martial artists who were dreadful teachers. Much like any martial art there must be a balance between the martial and the art, i believe, there must be a balance between teacher, student, and artist. Again, i feel we're saying and emphasizing the same "values", only from different perspectives and terminologies. i like and agree w/ your goals in teaching, i just approach it from a different angle and view point. Much like discussing the finer points of a kote-gaeshi, there is always something to be learned form another's thought process

Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.
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