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Re: My first IS experience

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post testing is a results test showing if you have any of these or have lost any of them, they should not have been the only teaching tool.
Yes, Ki testing is a results test as you have described. However, Ki testing goes beyond results to being a development tool as well. Tohei's methodology has not stood still since the seventies. S. Maruyama sensei took Tohei's ideas and turned Ki testing into Ki exercises that train students to identify and enhance the physical and mental feelings associated with correct performance. As the feelings become more familiar and internalized the student is able to deal with greater applied force.

The catch phrases: "keep one point", "relax", etc are triggers used to evoke correct feeling. It's helpful for students who have not yet internalized mind/body coordination or who lose mind/body coordination during practice. The phrases themselves are just words if the associated mind/body skills aren't taken into account.


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