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Sean Moffatt
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Unfortunately, there is no one orthodox style of Aikido. Everyone will have there say in what is right and wrong. Even at Hombu, this is true.

What people do is find the instructor they enjoy the best and stick with him or her. I hate to say this, but you are going to run face first in into disappointment. Aikido does not have a standard set in stone for transmission of the art. It exploits the philosophy of Takemusu; spontaneous creation.

What you are demanding and will have difficulty finding is direct transmission of techniques that are set in stone. Those who study the old tradtional styles of Jujitsu and other Koryus study this way. But they preserving an ancient and sometimes outdated art. Aikido is built upon principles which uses techniques to teach those principles. It is somewhat similar to Tai chi and Baqua in that respect.

For now, you should focus on principles no matter how the technique is done. Then later on, find an instructor who mirrors the prinicples you have learned.

If the "Principles of Aikido", to quote a book cover, is forgotten, then Aikido will truely become dilluted.


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