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Re: The Empty Body

Daniel James wrote: View Post
Okajima's been doing some funky things that were perplexing 6 yrs ago (when i first saw) and slightly less so now (see everything is Soutai). With a recent entree to hands on with some IS guys in Sydney, I see his solo exercises (which were and oddity at the time , but did them for some months and found all kinds of stuff contained in them) are almost the same, the tanden ball (and the aiki age, aikisage) stuff is functional work in the abdomen. Its been really neat to see what Maruyama and Okajima are doing through IS coloured glasses, its both an external validation (not that thats needed but nice to see), a diagnostic tool and a fresh viewpoint as well as something to do in its own right.

I need to get my backside to oz and practise with you at some point Dan. Someone here in the UK (Chris) is talking about visiting in the autumn, if I can go with him I will. Maybe see you then.

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