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Re: My first IS experience

Daniel James wrote: View Post
more recently IS have really helped understand more about what Tohei's pedagogy was all about (i don't presume full understanding though)
I think I pretty much feel the same way. There have been lots of interesting things said here on aikiweb that've made me look at it again from a different point of view, that and things I've gone and done in my dojo and elsewhere have contributed greatly. When you know what to look for it makes it so much more interesting

Sadly on aikiweb it's near impossible to have a viewpoint on this unless you've trained with Mike Sigman or Dan Harden. I think this is unfortunate as it excludes a great many people from joining in the discussion for no particularly good reason. While I'm quite sure that what they have to offer is excellent (I was looking for it in various places outside and inside of aikido about ten or so years ago) they aren't the only game in town,

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