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Re: My first IS experience

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
I don't think Tohei Sensei's four principles were ever intended to be the entirety of how/what he taught. Rather a simple condensed check list of things to make sure you're getting right. Of course such a check list is largely useless unless you have enough knowledge to know what 'keeping one point' really is, the knowledge of this therefore cannot come from the check list but must come from elsewhere.
I would agree with how did you acquire the knowledge to know what keeping one point really is? Could you provide your definition of what the reality of one point is and what was the training methodology that help you get there?

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
When I was first learning I found it hugely annoying that I wasn't being given good explanations of how to 'keep one point', but they came in time, partly through direct instruction, partly through careful observation on my part. If the IS gurus have got a good handle on explaining the how, I say fair play to them, wish I'd had that 15 years ago. But I got it in the end.
As i have noted prior I took a limited amount of direct ukemi from Tohei Sensei back in the mid to later 70's on the occasions that he came to our dojo in Southern California to teach a regular class, I also took ukemi from several of the instructors coming in with him or on other occasions. We were told to keep one point, relax completely, weight underside, and extend ki.... the only training for that was the ki testing is a results test showing if you have any of these or have lost any of them, they should not have been the only teaching tool. There were no explanations. I agree that observation, along with correct analysis, is very helpful when worked by by someone who is skilled in both...leading to moments of clarity...which can lead to understanding.

Direct transmission is a major part of obtaining a handle on all of this, feeling the correct realization of of the underlying principles supporting movement, IP or any other aspect of this or any art is major. How was the direct transmission (instruction) provide to you? What form did it take?

I would offer some observations about Tohei Sensei again the backdrop of others tho' I am thinking it does not meet the forum rules

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