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Re: No respect

Chaplain Chay, neither you nor the Original Poster have described the context of the situation very well. While you say the culture of the individuals plays a significant part in resolving the problem, then the culture must have traditions or mechanisms in place to promote harmony and prevent dissent. I'm not terribly worldly, but I know of no culture which is immune from conflicts, large or small, real or imagined, and without solutions.

In the martial arts world, generally a school is run in a strict heirarchy with the instructor setting and enforcing the rules of behavior. A student who disagrees with those rules often is free to discuss them with the teacher privately, but expected to follow the rules or leave. That is the bottom line in virtually all cases. There is no mocking involved here. If the instructor is willing to tolerate the behavior described because of his culture or any other reason, then the behavior is acceptable to him. If so, and that behavior causes stress and discomfort for other students, then they are free to discuss their concerns with him privately, accept the situation or leave. This isn't mocking anyone, just describing the facts of life as I know and understand them. Using your experience on a car forum, you probably all agree that it requires a spark, fuel and air to run an engine. Describing a situation in which you don't wish to use fuel and then ask what you should do to make your engine run will likely meet the same results.

Sorry you are disappointed.

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