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Marc Abrams
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Re: My first IS experience

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
The post I was directly responding to, which presumably you've chosen to ignore in favour of attacking me.

I wouldn't classify 5 posts on aikiweb in 5 years as harping on. I had a valid point concerning Tohei's 4 principles which was worth sharing, you don't have to agree with it.

I am responding to this thread ONLY. There is no response on this thread that directly attacks you. Phi was talking about things said in Ki Society and in the ASU. I have heard those very same things myself. His comment accurately describes a teaching paradigm that does not efficiently and effectively convey important information. Nobody is saying that Tohei's 4 principles are not worth sharing. Nobody is saying that they are inaccurate. I think that Tohei's teaching and principles have a lot of merit. I would simply say to you "RELAX"! We are primarily in agreement about many things. Someone suggested that you try and train directly with Dan or Mike. I second that suggestion. You are trying to defend Tohei Sensei to people who think very highly of his contributions to Aikido.


Marc Abrams
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