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I'm not sure that I would call that "Aikido martial law protocol", it seems like a normal part of group dynamics.

FWIW, I really dislike that kind of passive-agressive response - although it seems to be quite common in Aikido. If the shihan has a problem with someone than they ought to stand up and talk to them directly, not take it out on them on the mat or (even worse) send someone else to do it for them.


I'm not fond of it either. "Make him an offer he can't refuse." The Godfather didn't do the dirty work any more, he commanded it. Although that particular instance is fiction, I'd suspect it goes on in that circle?
Would the chief of police have to go and make all the arrests him/herself, or can he/she send out some constables or deputies to do the nitty-gritty? I know these aren't exact parallels, and I don't know if the shihan about whom I'm going on had tried speaking directly or not. He's been dead for several years, now.
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