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Re: The Empty Body

Mert Gambito wrote: View Post
Thanks for the clarifications, Mike. One thing that I think is clearer now is that you and Koretoshi Maruyama are not sticking with just what the greater portion of the bell curve of Ki Society folks and other Tohei adherants are doing.

Chen-style, taiji. Daito-ryu. Again, my praise for seeking the best of what's in the box / subset by looking at what else is in the set. Yeah, I agree there may be more agreement than not, with room for nuanced debate. We'll all have this reconciled far better in the next decade. Hope you'll check back in again beforehand.
Not sure I deserve to listed on equal footing with Maruyama Sensei in that statement but... FWIW, this is Maruyama Sensei's designated successor

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