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On the request of Burnt out and Down, I will try and better convey the conundrum and angst she is trying to communicate.

Not a person who practices Aikido, but yet someone who is privy to the situation, I can assure you there is great emotional distress upsetting many.

The established leadership is threatened by a young aggressive and openly confronting individual who believes he can do a better job leading. Yes, a text book situation.

The instructor is a beloved seasoned leader who is falling upon his culture's behavior in these situations. He believes confrontation creates more bad than good. He prefers to avoid conflict and find other ways to resolvable the conflict. A soft spoken man, and gentle disposition, it is out of character for him not to use great patience and tolerance to the end.

The established leader is seen as weak, incompetent and vulnerable by the younger aggressive senior ranking member wanting to take his place. As a result, this person demonstrates his competence and strength in the same way he does in his office. A strategy that his proven successful in his work place.

The gross population of the student body is accustom and comfortable with the teacher's leadership and approach. Many students share the same cultural background as the teacher. They are shocked and dismayed at the surprisingly new behavior of the senior ranking member. This is something that many of the student are not familiar with or physiological prepared to handle. Stress levels are high because of what is happening at the school. Students are irritated and distracted, not enjoying the atmosphere they once did.

General logic would dictate Aikido martial protocol to be the default governing law to end the situation. This would be the case possibly, but it isn't. In fact, Aikido martial law protocol actually takes a back seat in this situation to the individual's cultural and will. It is nice to think things would be that easy to solve by the rules of the game. Though there are those who go by their own rules.

People in the class are upset and really are not prepared to handle this situation and they are seeking help.
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