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I've found that this problem only really occurs before the 6th kyu test. For this test, just try to place a name with a technique and be able to reasonably show that you know what's supposed to happen.

I had an interesting class the other night, where it was just me, 3rd kyu, a 4th kyu, and the new guy. The question of testing came up, so I administered a hour long test to the two of them. We don't have seperate classes for beginners or advanced people and I hadn't realized how long it had been since we went over the basics in that most basic of ways. The person getting ready for his 6th kyu stated that "we never go over this stuff in class". We do go over it, but his experience level is such that he doesn't yet realize how much he's learned.

Aikido is fundamentally different than Karate in that, in Karate, there is a correct way to strike, block, what have you, but in Aikido, the permutations of Ikkyou are innumerable. So people first expect, "ok, this technique goes exactly like this" so they can perform on the test but Ikkyou depends on a lot of factors to detirmine how it will be performed. So the idea behind Ikkyou is more important than memorizing Ikkyou for dummies.

The 4th kyu I practiced with and I went over the entire list of 1st kyu examination requirements. He knows how to do all the techniques on that list and more, but that doesn't make him a 1st kyu, whereas in other MA's it would. So why the difference? That's a question best answered by years of practice and not words.

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