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Mert Gambito
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Re: The Empty Body


I haven't been privy to the discussions you've had with Dan, Mike, et al (and am too busy at the moment to go archive-diving). But here's what is clear:
  • Here in Hawaii, what Tohei taught is well understood, and many people here still have first-hand accounts of his methodology and skills.
  • Dan has repeatedly said that Tohei's model is compatible with the greater body of aiki tanren that Aikido inherited from Daito-ryu (and that mirrors similar training in, for example, Chinese internal arts, and some extant yoga).
  • Many people in Hawaii who are familiar with Tohei's method and who have also trained with Dan agree with Dan's above characterization, as do others with exposure to both methods.
So, a subset of a set does not equal the set; but yes, the subset can be profound in its own right, and apparently was/is in Tohei's case. Dan recently reiterated at a workshop in Hawaii, "Do not take Tohei lightly. The man was powerful."

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