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Re: Static Stretching...

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Yeah, that;s the one. Thought Janet and others may like it's approach. Didn't fully even read it myself but saw it had fascia and such like in it. Hopefully it fits the y'all will luv it!

Nice overview of physiology.
One thing it doesn't address much (which is fine, it's outside the purpose of the article) is the stuff that gets in the way of being able to stretch properly - such as trigger points in the muscles. It does talk about Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, a wonderful technique for releasing tension in a muscle when you have somebody who can do it to you.
Self care for trigger points generally involves targeted pressure on the point using your own body weight - like working quads on a foam roller, something I'd be a total mess without attending to at regular intervals, or placing a rubber ball between your back and the wall.
I'm not at all "against" stretching - at the right time for the right reasons

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