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Re: The Empty Body

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I would say that it's not a yes or no question, that there are a number of degrees and qualifiers. My hunch is that Dan and Mike would express opinions along similar lines, but they're not here and I certainly can't speak for them.

I will say that both Mike and Dan have spoken to me positively about Tohei (or at least, parts of what Tohei was doing) for quite a long time.


I fully agree it's not as black and white as that, I just remember gettign into arguments with them because the assumption was always that I didn't know what IS/IP was and the general position that it was something lacking from aikido. Stack that against my perception that it most certainly isn't missing from the aikido I've always practiced and you have a recipe for argument, so I gave up on aikiweb as I felt it was in general making me something of an arsehole. I drop in from time to time though.

Anyway, they were right on one thing re Ki Aikido. My early experiences were always being told, 'keep one point' then being tested and told I wasn't doing it right. At no stage can I ever remember being taught how to keep one point, it was just something I picked up from experiencing someone else doing it. I've met several people who've trained with either Mike or Dan who seem to say they do a good job of answering the how? problem, I've of course come up with my own way of doing this for my own students now, so we're probably doing the same sort of thing... more or less, YMMV. They will of course be coming at it from other perspectives than mine.


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