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Re: The Empty Body

Mike Haft wrote: View Post

As an aside, I rarely bother with aikiweb anymore, but glad to see that people are finally acknowledging Tohei Sensei's methods as being IS/IP (or at least compatible with it), I used to clash with Mike Sigman and Dan Harden about it when I last posted regularly. They now seem to be agreeing with what I was saying all along, no doubt they'll choose to remember it differently

I would say that it's not a yes or no question, that there are a number of degrees and qualifiers. My hunch is that Dan and Mike would express opinions along similar lines, but they're not here and I certainly can't speak for them.

I will say that both Mike and Dan have spoken to me positively about Tohei (or at least, parts of what Tohei was doing) for quite a long time.



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