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graham christian
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Re: Static Stretching...

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
If anybody can provide links to articles on studies showing physiological benefits of pre-workout static stretching it would be appreciated. Not aware of any.
(Graham this is not a reply to your post but a continuation of mine)
Appreciated Janet. It's an interesting subject. I was shown another 'type' of exercise by a friend and the result was good and enlivening for the whole body prior to training yet the doing of it was rather hilarious. I'll see if I can get links from him and forward them on It combined stretching with shaking and mainly shaking and was given as an exercise for all the cells in the body. We all had fun doing it and I'm sure laughing at each other exercised the inner cells

Apparently according to what we were told it was something zulu warriors used to do before combat.

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