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Re: Static Stretching...

I think it's very basic and common sense. You warm up those parts that are going to be used in what you are doing. You prepare those parts for action. Preparing the wall because you are going to paint the ceiling is dumb and not preparing the wall before painting it is dumber and it is this failing which leads to damage.

It would be assumed generally that any warm up is already designed with this taken into account but assumed is the word.

Stretching is another matter in as much as looking at what stretching actually is and what it's purpose is.

Overstretching for example is damaging anyway. The experts in this field I would imagine would be in yoga so that alone tells you theres an art and indeed technology extant to that one aspect.

When showing people how to stretch myself I use a technique which involves no force or 'pushing' or straining.

For example touching the toes or floor depending how flexible you are to start with. I get people to lean over and see how near to the toes they can stretch, nice and comfortably and note where they reached. The I have them put themselves back in that position and relax. Let go of any intention or exertion towards pushing that bit further and just to flow Ki to the floor. Now the main bit. Having done the above now actually see the floor receiving their Ki and the effect being that the floor is now drawing your hands towards it. Amazingly they stretch further without force and without strain.

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