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Responsibility in Learning

Following on from my last thread I thought I'd add my views on what I call Responsibility in learning.

Probably different from anything you have heard before but hey, who cares.

It's actually based on three things I talk about spiritually namely soul, spirit and heart so that's just to inform you how it comes from a basic foundation I use.

But back to the point. The first concept I am going to give is that of you are responsible for three parts of yourself in study. You are responsible for three 'people' within yourself.

The first of these is the student. So being a student you are responsible for that part of you which is the student. This actually comes from the heart, from love, but nonetheless it is but one part of three.

The second 'person' within yourself when studying you are responsible for is the teacher. This is spirit. As in my Aikido philosophy spirit is both non resistance and the weilder of the sword. Spirit is the discipline, the rule giver, the no excuses informer of what to do. Do being the operative word.

So you listen to the teacher external to you but then its up to the teacher in you to make you do it.

So then we have 'person' number three. The supervisor. This is soul. The third part of you supervises all you are doing and thus when progressing well soul is happy. Supervisor is happy.

Each operates from different rules. Supervisor operates from good. Thus supervisor in life is your own conscience and so it is also in learning. Supervisor may pull up the teacher and say 'hey, your being a bit too hard on the student' then again supervisor may pull up the teacher and say 'hey you're being too lazy and not doing your job we need more discipline here!'

Therefor each and every person is a student, a teacher and a supervisor Self to self.

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