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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

Hi Dan

Mary asked: "What's a shodan?"
I asked in another thread: "How do you define 'shodan level'?"

You did not answer me.
Your did not answer Mary.

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
" There are "standards." I didn't make them up. AIkido has them. They're in place.
In my country there are two big federations connected to aikikai via Japanese shihan. Standards and requirements of shodan grading are clearly different.

We also have two other big federations here, which are not longer connected to aikikai, but originally come from this root. Again: What each of them requires for shodan is totally different: Different from each other and different from what each of the aikikai - affiliated federation require.

So at a seminar here you can have four people who wear a black belt. But on very different levels each.

So: What's a shodan?
What are those standards, you mention?
What are the requirements for shodan in your eyes?
What are we talking about?
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