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Re: how do we define martial?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
The point is to have the proper intent when training.
I was taught by the Marines who trained me that martial meant killing people and breaking things to accomplish one's goals.

I comprehend Aikido to act martially toward the goal of peace.

Aikido as a martial art should to enable one to kill people and break things -- and if it does not -- it is no longer a martial art.

Aikido as a martial art distinguishes itself when it enters violent encounter with the same action and spirit of killing people and breaking things -- so as to NOT kill people and NOT break things -- with the goal being peace.

The goals of peace cannot be pursued apart from the ways of war. In Aikido training, martial intent lies in seeking to cut one another in a true, committed line --- and if the lines are always true -- then each hones the other without harm to either-- like the blades of scissors.


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