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graham christian
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Re: how do we define martial?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Any "purpose" you act on can be perceived and countered. Better not to have 'em.
Nice one Cliff, if only that were true. Reminds me of many Buddhists I used to meet who were all 'into' it and saying you must get rid of all desires. They ended up calling me the 'laughing one' cos that's what their misunderstandings made me do. I would simply ask if getting rid of them was their desire.

It's one of the basic truths of life Cliff and that is purpose. You can only not have one by denial and then you will suffer for truth will always be there.

Many folk come to a point in life where they start wondering what it's all about and what their purpose here on earth actually is. The turning point of most peoples lives.

There again I could agree with you and that would also mean best not have any intention either. Oh dear, where would IP be then? Then of course we could have better not have any decisions either and we could rename Aikido as the Art of Oblivion.

Nah, best to follow truth and realize true purpose cannot be countered, only joined.

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