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Dan Richards
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Passing the bottle: refining sensitivity for more effective technique

Has anyone played with something similar. I use a bottle for quite a few things in aikido training. Here's one of the first things I demonstrate.

This is using a 16 oz. 500 ml bottle of water as a training tool for aikido techniques.

Pass a bottle of water back and forth between you and a friend/uke. Notice how you feel when you do that. Notice the feeling in your hands, arms, shoulders - the feeling is alive and sensitive. Sqeeze and feel each others biceps and triceps as you do this. Notice how they feel. How they're soft and not contracting.

Notice also right at the point when you make contact, and how you sense the timing to "release" the bottle. Not too soon, and not too late. Notice how intelligent your hands and arms and body are making the movements. Become aware of how the two of you work together in the passing of the bottle.

Play and experiment with using that same feeling throughout your aikido movements.
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