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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: how do we define martial?

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So, from a psychological perspective we can benefit from training this stuff. We get in shape, we feel empowered, we self realize, hang out with others with a common interest, and naturally we grow. Of course this leads to improvement mentally and spiritually.

Even the military will be the first to tell you, as Ellis pointed out above....we don't train Combatives or Martial Arts because it will give us an technological edge on our opponent, we train it because at a base level it produces and encourages a warrior ethos. One that mandates that you have the willingness to close with and defeat your enemy when necessary under adverse conditions.

As I've stated several times. I believe that it is possible to have two individuals side-by-side in the dojo with the exact same instructor, doing the exact same things, and with the wrong intent and focus being doing entirely two different things. One can be performing a martial art and the other can be doing an interpretive dance.
And although a warrior, doing his duty, may have to take life, sometimes more often than he wants, this , to my mind at least, isn't his primary goal and doesn't make him a killer per se.

And whenever and if opportunity arise, he might do what he can, so that "winning over reign over winning".

And here's where I hope even Graham would agree.
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