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Don't be in such a rush! Three months is nothing. Since aikido is a self-defence, we are training our bodies to react instinctively to a situation. Since aikido techniques are relatively more complex than (most) karate techniques, since they require interaction with a partner, it can take much longer before you are able to use these techniques when someone actually attacks.

I've tried all sorts of ways of systemising techniques for several years now - but as far as I'm aware there is no clear way to do it (any systemisation I've come up with misses the point somewhat). This is why I think most aikido clubs still train in this way. [for example there is the story where Ueshiba did lots of ikkyo techniques in succession, and after each one he said 'and this is a different technique'.]

10 minutes on a technique does seem too little in my opinion, but try to see the connection between all the techniques in the lesson. When a lesson is taught it is often not about doing different techniques in succesion, but about applying a certain principle - once the principle is learnt the techniques seem obvious.

Get a book, train with others, but keep training. I tell my students to give it 6 months before they start to grasp what aikido is about. Also, at your grading, (hopefully) your instructors are not looking as much at the techniques you do, but your ability to do them well.


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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