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Bruce Baker
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Native lessons

What do you think about the lessons of learning from the Native American Indian in context to Aikido and our modern world?

Are the lessons of learning lost upon the minds of the more intelligent as a life of savages who have no basis for application in our modern world, or are they somewhat simular, although different, in their approach to learn from the spirits of nature which is our universal and common theme in survival?

Maybe because of my ancestry research does not explain things that are covered in the most basic of Native American societys which read like a paralell of Aikido's mystical explanations, or O'Sensei's writings that resemble much of this Amercan culture, but in pursueing knowledge of Aikido and Native American Indians, I find a paralell that can not be denied.

I don't plan on leaving my place in modern society to live in a thatched hut anytime soon, but didn't the simple farming life of O'Sensei seek to return to the spirits of the land, and live in harmony with these spirits .. or are we merely talking about the ravings of a lunatic who became a great martial artist?

So, what are your thoughts on taking some of the lessons of Native American Indians and applying them to our scientific analysis, or bringing them into the context of Aikido?
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