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Re: Hakama protocol: left or right leg first?

I believe the lesson within the sillyness is that the details matter. Which foot, right left, etc actually really do not matter in the slightest. The point is to foster and develop a keen sense of awareness to capture every tiny detail - this is a true and useful skill to have!

Building some grand set of cultural norms to dictate behavior completely misses the point of developing a high sense of awareness to notice, capture and exploit every detail and nuance.

This is not a simple ability to develop. Using a compelling story about why left foot is important is a tool or trick to make the listener pay close attention and give weight to the seemingly mundane activity of putting on ones garments - not a guarantee of developing such a skill but it is a start. Making something special out of getting dressed is to concentrate on the finger when the yonder moon is the point.

At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!

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