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Bruce Baker
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It won't work if you do it.

There is an anomaly of having something work for one person that won't work for another person.

Even if done with the same attitude, same spirit, and same exact movements, the actual transition of actions, speech, and presence is dependant upon the individual and their ability to send a message.

Most of the advice we give here, on the Aikiweb forums, is our personal experience based on what works for us.

Now, I am a rather large man, middleaged, with a physical presence that trys not to send the message of danger to those around me. In fact, I find it my life's ambition to be invisible in most endeavors as it allows me to move quietly among the English, an old saying from colonial days.

Most tense situaltions can be disarmed with humor, humility, and a smidge of biting your tongue, but then that is also the advice of someone who would enjoy a raucaus fight with five to ten attackers, also.

No. It is your purpose of recognizing a situation that you must deal with within the means of your physical, mental, and life's experience so that your control of a situation allows your continued survival.

Beyond taking anyones advice, or listening to a story of what someone else did in a particular situation, we are trying to advance our knowledge and life experience without the actual encounter happening to us.

Get back on the ground with the distortion of doing this if you meet someone, or doing that ... it will happen the way it will happen.

Even if it like Dennis Hooker hitting a loud mouth challenger in the mouth as he walks into a dojo full of bravado, right or wrong, that is the way it happened, and it was a lesson to be learned from.

The real story is that we are only renting this time we are alive, inhabiting the earth ... look at any layers when a trench is dug or a road in cut into a mountain.

Don't be ruled by your baser instincts, but then again, use your head to keep out of trouble. The world is full of @@sses, no sense in you being one of them.
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