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Re: "Nia" dance and connection to Aikido practice

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I have gone to a couple of classes. It was just okay. I did not see any connection to Aikido training.
Hi Mary,

That's too bad. There are often people who come to the dojo really eager to learn Aikido and have hopes that it will be a low-impact way to drop a lot of weight, only to find that said weight makes the ukemi even more uncomfortable and frustrating than it might typically be for your average beginner. I suppose I was optimistically theorizing that if "Nia" had enough principles common to Aikido, it could be a good activity to recommend to these particular students to start off with as a way to gently shed weight more quickly first and thus help them better transition into classical Aikido practice.

I do appreciate you taking the time for a sincere response. Thanks to Phi and Henry, I have learned something quite valuable. I will now recommend to any Aikidoka wanting to lose weight that all they need do is start a website devoted to Aikido information and wait for the trolls to feed off their time and energy. They'll be bled dry in no time.


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