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Bruce Baker
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opportunity, and choice

The question your father posed is to make you think.

The answer is Opportunity ... and Choice.

You cannot affect a situation if you do not have the opportunity, and you cannot affect a situation if you don't make a choice.

Most old timers will try to evoke a response that is designed to make the younger person become aware of his/her choices, ability to carry out actions of those choices, and see both the probable outcome verses the actual outcome of those actions.

The morality of choosing to intercede, or make the local authorities aware of a dangerous situation, or even to thrust yourself into a situation and change the outcome is knowledge acquired through experience, or learning. Don't expect to have the answer to all questions, I am sure you Dad doesn't, but this type of question is to bring your awareness to understand the complexity of interceding within the moral obligations of your society or act within your beliefs ... whether he consciously knew he was doing this or not.

Since you have never been in a knock down drag out fight with someone who is intent on killing you or doing you bodily harm, you will wonder if your training will keep you from being harmed or killed ... it will not.

Sad as it may be, you throw the dice and you take your chances ... with training, skill, and knowledge we decrease the chances of being killed or harmed, but still, that is part of being alive ... coming to grips with our mortality.

Continue your learning process, but become aware of your morality to affect your choices, verses the outcome of your actions. Take into consideration the alternative ways to affect a situation besides direct intervention ... this is usually the point most parents try to drill into their children to increase their chances of long life ... increase the chances of their survival in a limited lifetime.

Remember, Choices ... and Opportunity.

Don't forget to tell your parents that you love them for caring.

(That works the best when they are trying to teach you something even they don't understand)

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