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Re: Good distance ?

Lars Beyer wrote: View Post
I have been wondering for quite some time what the structure/ alignment of the body means in relation to different combative distances again relating to the weight distribution on the front and aft leg.
It seems that in some arts (for instance some tai chi, bagua, ninjutsu schools, as well as in muay thai and in kick boxing even mma it is ok to put less weight on the front leg/ foot maybe in order to negate low kicks etc. whereas to my knowledge in aikido, since we initiate techniques from "maai", a little further away maybe.. this is less important ?
Lars, if you're in DK perhaps you're studying Nishio Aikido. In that first irimi entering movement, the foot can be placed so lightly as to be immediately available as a kick. Nishio doesn't step into that front foot in the first irimi and atemi application. Just touch it on the ground as light as a kickstand. The weight is still on the back foot. After the atemi is delivered - which could also include a kick from the irmi foot, then the weight can transfered to the front foot.

Watch his opening movements and atemi strikes. He'll strike uke and still have the weight on his back foot, and the front foot floating.
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