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Re: Kokyu - Ueshiba vs. Sagawa

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
Chris, there are enough reputable sources that cite Ueshiba and possibly even Onisaburo as having a hand in the term Aiki.
You're talking about Aiki in use as a part of the name of the art. The term Aiki was in use in Daito-ryu prior to that - there are written notes by Horikawa Taiso and Sagawa Nenokichi from 1913 using that term, before Ueshiba ever met Takeda.

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
I added some life into this thread. I think my observations - which are also based on my own direct experiences - are valid. You zoomed in and popped a tire and ran off. How about breathing some life into it. If you've got more info on Aiki, I, for one, would be up for hearing it.
Nothing wrong with breathing life - but facts are facts. Ueshiba didn't invent or originate Aiki.



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