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Re: The transmission of aikido

problem is we don't really know about the original version. we only know about the parts of the sum from various deshi. then you have the problem of asking 10 deshi, and you got 11 versions of the original. in my organization, Saotome sensei said "aikido is principles and ideas". He also encouraged that we didn't look like him. So none of his direct students' aikido looked much like him, and each one's aikido didn't look much like each other either. and that's just 3rd level down from the original. by the time you get to 4th and 5th level down, we are screwed in term of understanding the original. of course there will be folks said they know the original, and i said they smoked something really good. even the deshi wouldn't say that, because they knew better. personally, i don't think it matter that much now.

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