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David Yap
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Exclamation Re: The transmission of aikido

Yes, indeed. We should consider "imitating/copying" from the aspect of Shuhari. It is always the wish of a good TEACHER that his/her students will surpass his/her own level. Shuhari like any good system of transmission, the objective is progression. SHU is about obedience or imitate/copy if you like. As time passes, one may have copied from improved version of the original or a watered down version or inadvertently a improvised version from a con artist or a pretender of the art.

My point of discussion is about/on the very first copies not the subsequent ones. Of course, you can/may bring up the latter to prove your points (whatever they are). The agenda is not about lineage versus lineage - my granddad can beat your granddad. I hope from this discussion, we should be able to stitch the elephant back together again.


David Y
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