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Re: Aikido Predator Mindset


Thank you for expanding on some of the principles of Hakko Ryu in its relation to shiatsu. I wasn't trying to claim that Hakko Ryu does not or cannot use atemi to deliver lethal force. I was trying to emphasise that Aiki-Jujutsu has a humanitarian framework or philosophical/spiritual structure to its curriculum as does Aikido. Because Aikido is a "do" not a "jutsu" the difference is often exaggerated imo. Here is a quote from the official Hakko Ryu website:

Throughout Hakkoryu, the idea of abandoning force is emphasized. In the study of “Inyodo” (the way of yin and yang) one comes to see that an excess of either is detrimental. In Hakkoryu Jujutsu we say, “Sakarawazu” or “no resistance” in order to teach mental and physical relaxation/settling and to not fight against Kake’s force. Avoid where Kake is strong. Focus where Kake is weak.

As described in the History section of this website, Hakkoryu combines traditional medical thinking with arts of self-preservation. This is best exemplified when feeling the Atemi (strikes to the body) and Osae (arresting) techniques of Hakkoryu. Many of these are directed at Tsubo (special points) located along Keiraku (meridians) of the body. They can cause very sharp and distracting pain without necessarily injuring Kake. In Hakkoryu we say, “Kizu Tsukezu” or “no injury” to emphasize our hope that injury to Kake can be avoided. Only when it is unavoidable does Hakkoryu direct its Atemi to Kyusho (vital points).

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