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Re: Aikido Predator Mindset

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I think you're confusing things Matthew. You don't need predator mindset to turn tables on attacker or do tenkan or irimi. All the 'proactive' things you mention are nothing to do with predator mindset. In fact they are how to handle those with one so quite the reverse.
Certainly wouldn't be the first nor the last time I'll've (yes that's a double contraction ) been confused, but I'm applying a pretty narrow definition to the phrase, "Predator Mindset." I'm not associating it with the mentality that seeks to take away from others, but rather which asserts itself as being a non-target or which otherwise acts assertively to preserve itself. I might as well use "Non-Prey Mindset," like that of, say, a moose (although moose do have their natural enemies) defending itself, either by use of its natural weapons or by running.

The 'dumb' of the past is about the use of such mindset which was considered normal. atahus cannibals, vikings, coquerers etc. Still today there are modern empire builders who through fear and greed feel they have to conquer other lands. Still in the corporate world it's all set up for aggressive takeovers like big monsters gobbling up victims and becoming conglomerates. Same ol same ol ignorance. I suppose it only becomes real to most when they become the prey, when they get conned or worse. Dumb and dumber I would say for those who justify it scream when they become the prey.
Exactly my point, the behaviors of then and now are really not that far off from each other...and let's not forget that history is often written by the "winners," leaving those who were prey to their aggression with less of a voice in the history books. My only point here was that people then, as now, were enlightened and petty and everything in between. I'd like to see us as relatively enlightened by comparison, but I'm not convinced. Once again it seems individuals vary and yet very much remain the same...or something like that...
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