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I think you are getting a little word-happy. "Helping" the attacker certainly doesn't mean handing him a weapon and pointing out other potential victims. I think in whatever sense you have read 'help' it probably meant more in the sense of helping them to become a person less likely to be an attacker or to do it again.

Practically speaking, if you practice Aikido for a while, you'll probably come to realize that using it to thwart someone bent on doing you serious harm in a way that's successful is probably going to involve some serious pain and injury for the defeated assailant. I imagine it would often be moreso than if you had, say, punched and kicked them a few times. If you think you'll have the luxury of gently easing a serious attacker to the ground and walking merrily on your way - much less have time to contemplate the cosmic moral implications - I think you're talking more in terms of cinematic fantasy than reality.

There is a large element of 'what comes in, goes out' in Aikido. If one comes in hard and fast, most of that energy - often plus some - comes out, and that might be in the form of hitting the ground face-first or on the shoulder, not to mention any furniture/objects that might be in the way. Torn-open joint capsules and tendon/ligament ruptures from some techniques are also a definite possibility.

Finally, if you really feel that you bear so much personal responsibility for everything that happens in the world that this is a major issue for you, I pity you. I am prone to this tendency to some extent, and I know that it can be a great and needless burden - one that is ultimately based in egotism. Just in case it might save you some time, let me assure you that you are not a god, a superhero, a savior, or a great leader of men. You are just a person - a creature on a planet full of creatures, some of which are cooperative, some competetive, and some mind their own business. You are neither responsible for, nor capable of effecting in any signifcant way, the whole human race, history, or the course of society. Saving everyone and solving every problem that enters your awareness is not your job. Relax. Take a load off.

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